Aletha and Cindy grew up in Colorado kitchens. Their grandmother Mae Harms was a legendary cook. Watching her prepare meals to feed hired hands daily, or watching her make her incredible pies, Mae inspired her granddaughters. Taking her inspiration of cooking into their own kitchens they have won many "Blue Ribbons" from friends, family, fairs and local contests. Their love of the kitchen has always made their kitchens the Heart of their Homes. 
If your kitchen hosts dozens during the holidays or is a tiny nook for a busy
young couple, Cindy and Aletha can help you design a functional and beautiful kitchen.


Browse through our pages to find the look that you are wanting to help make your kitchen your dream kitchen.  You will find custom cabinetry , to construction grade cabinets . We carry cabinets with a European flare to country and everything in between.



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